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Why you

Finding out what you need to know

You know the owner has had previous sitters, wouldn’t it be great to tap into the ‘sitter side’ of the sit?  How many times have you wished you could talk to the previous sitters, directly, before  you commit to the sit?

sharing what you know

Have you had a nightmare sit you would love to ‘warn’ other sitters about? This is your safe place to do it. Because you are among fellow sitters you can ‘vent’ safely and privately. 

You don't have to go at it alone...

Not all homeowners give you as much information about an area/location as you need. Tap into the knowledge of other sitters who have been there before. Find out the best places to grocery shop, currency exchange, taxi and public transportation tips, and even discussions about immigration.

Avoid a ‘horrid’ sit experience. Join the private ‘house sitters only’ community.

Take a look...

Woudn’t it be nice to have had that information before you spent the time, energy and costs involved in arriving to that housesit!

Sometimes it’s not all about who you know but
what you know!

For Sitters by Sitters is a location centric community.
You can easily hop right to the Country, District, State, at the level you choose, to find out if there is information that your peers have provided that will help you make your sitting experience even better, or avoid or even find a sit.

Don’t fall prey to a horrible sit and find out later that a member talked about that exact sit inside ForSittersbySitters.
How about being one that shouts from the rooftops about the  ‘you need to know this’ information for your peers.

Who is behind this site?

Well, we are glad you asked!

Hi, we are Denny and Eden Rudin, full time global house sitters. We have been house sitting for over 2 years and have interacted with 100’s of house sitters, whether in person or via networking.

The reason this site came to be is exactly because of our interactions with fellow sitters. Sitters who were wishing they could ‘warn’ other sitters of some bad sits…before they agreed and then traveled to them.

Everything from nightmare pets that were nothing like described, or possibly worse, more pets then commited to. How about filthy homes?  Some had mold on the walls, yuck!

It was then, after hearing dozens of these conversations, but only in private and generally one on one, with no way of ‘warning others’  did we see the need for this type of community.

Eden has been in a postion of online community management for over 10 years. She admins dozens of groups, some with over 15k members in them, and for some big name authors/business people. One such person once said ‘community management is in Eden’s blood’. So you can be assured that the forum is run professionally and with integrity.