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Because you don't have to go at it alone!


Here's the deal...

House sitting is the best!

But it can also be lonely as heck!

That last one is the thing people don’t really talk about when they’re raving about all the fabulous house sits they have done.

Because the truth is: 
in between the research, traveling, getting the routine of the pets and house down, house sitting is full of a thousand million questions, worries and frustrations. You’re like, “Is that location a good idea?” “Do I need to be concerned with safety?” “What did the last sitters think of this sit?’” 

 Not to mention feeling:

  • Nervous that you just paid for airfare and the owner may cancel last minute.
  • Concerned you will get stopped by immigration and be detained
  •  Over-effing-whelmed

All the while your friends and family—well-meaning as they may be—are  “You have such a fabulous life, hopping from place to place!” 

What you don’t need? Another Facebook group where you can’t really share your concerns about a situation at a sit, the struggle you’re having with the cleanliness or the owner themselves, in fear the owner is ALSO in that Facebook group , and will read your ‘public’ posting as rude and tacky, and give you a bad review. 
What you do need? An empathetic, wildly-supportive, tight-knit community; a family of house sitters who GET IT because they’ve been there (or are there) so they can walk alongside OR lead you through the chaos that comes along with this lifestyle—regardless of where you are in your path.

For Sitters by Sitters is full of other awesome house sitters who are into collaboration, sharing insights, tough love, and being sounding boards for one another.


It’s like family. Without a drunk uncle ruining dinner.


We are fiercely protective of the community here, so when we say private we mean it. With every application individually reviewed and approved you’ll only be surrounded by verified house sitters.

Let’s take a look around together, shall we?

Once inside you will find a location based forum structure. Starting with global regions and taking it all the way down to the  District/State level (for the popular locations, but we are always willing to add more finite locations by request). So you can focus on conversations in areas in the world that interest you, not spending time sifting through gobs of information. 
By simply choosing to follow the locations that you are interested in, you can opt to get an email when a new post is made or if someone replies to your question. Additionally we send out a ‘Weekly Round Up’ email with links to new topics that have been posted and popular conversations that are taking place within the forum.  So you are never too far from the community and always in the loop, as much as you choose to be. 
And the crème de la crème….find out what sits to avoid!
Your fellow house sitters are anxious to share where and what sits you want to be on alert for! Wouldn’t it be nice to have had that information before you spent the time, energy and costs involved in arriving to a sit that others already knew was a dreaded sit! Additionally there is a global map where we place Red Alerts on the map so you can see at a quick glance if an area you are interested in has some ‘hot topic’ sits.

What are you waiting for?

We offer up 2 payment options, so you never break the bank!

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House Sitting World

How this Community Came to Be…

The reason this site came to be is exactly because of our interactions with fellow sitters. Sitters who were wishing they could ‘warn’
other sitters of some bad sits.

Everything from nightmare pets that were nothing as described, or possibly worse, more pets then committed to. How about filthy homes?  Infestations of spiders, fleas or rats – can you say ewwww!

It was then, after hearing dozens of these conversations, but only in private and generally one on one, with no way of ‘warning others’  did we see the need for this type of community for house-sitters to talk among themselves, privately.


We look forward to welcoming you to the community!